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Why Go Wheat Free?

It is true that the greatest journeys begin with a single step, and if you suffer from gluten intolerance or gluten sensitivity that first step could lead you to a healthier, happier more productive life. But for many people with wheat sensitivity the journey actually starts years before that first step. Wheat allergies or more precisely gluten allergies have a very wide variety of symptoms, so wide in fact that until recently many in medical professionals never saw the connection between them. As a matter of fact “Gluten Free” seems to be hot topic right now because many doctors are just now beginning to believe wheat and gluten may be the cause of so many of these aliments.   Food allergies affect everyone differently. I’ve owned a wine shop for about twenty years, and I’ve been asked hundreds of times “why does red wine do this to me” or “why does this happen when I drink white wine”. Years ago I set out to create a brochure for my customers explaining all the troublesome stimuli in wine and what each of these triggers do to the body. What I found was that everyone’s body reacts differently to these triggers. Therefore the only simple explanation was everyone’s body reacts differently to the same sip of wine.   So Where Did My Journey Begin? I’m 47 years old and finally excepting that I may have an allergy to wheat, but I can look back now and see the signs were there for more than a decade, symptoms that I would always explain away. My sore/stiff back was due to a car accident 25 years earlier. The dermatitis on my back and scalp was due to fabric softener (scalp?).  Knees that I could barely bend had to be due to a skiing accident in high school. There were many other signs as well, but I always came up with other explanations, after all it couldn’t be the bread. Why are so many people showing signs of wheat sensitivity? Working in my wine shop I would always get questions about wheat and gluten in alcoholic drinks. Twenty years ago if we had one customer a year coming in for a gluten free product that was a lot. Then about ten years ago I noticed more and more customers coming into the store looking for certain vodkas made without wheat, and asking about gluten...

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