Day 1 of 30 Day Wheat Free Diet

Day 1 of 30 Day Wheat Free Diet

30 Day Wheat Free Diet Day 1

Day one is over.

I have to say it was slightly more nerve racking than I expected. For weeks as I’ve told friends what I was going to do, they all told me they couldn’t do it. I always told them about the many gluten free food alternatives around now and how they taste pretty good, but as I woke up and started a brand new day with completely new eating rules I was a little scared. This was a work day, I would be far from home and far from my little pantry of gluten free goodies. In the past when I was hungry I could  grab a slice of pizza, a burger or a bagel all within fifty feet of work, but now I had to plan all the food I would need for the day.


First Recommendation

  • Start your Diet on a Day when you stay home.


Beware your brain is not your best friend.

One thing I didn’t expect was the remorse I felt each time I thought of a food I could no longer eat. Was this my head playing games, trying to get me to give up this diet?


So on day 1 did I have uncontrollable cravings for wheat or wheat products?

No, I don’t think so. I say I don’t think so because I had deep hunger pains. A feeling of starvation like my stomach was empty. I’m not sure if this was my brain trying to fool me into eating, or if I was in need of something like protein. Tomorrow I will pack more protein based foods.

I am also not sure if the foods I am eating have as much fiber as the foods I am replacing, which would make me feel hungry sooner after I ate. I will have to look into a gluten free source of fiber.

So What About The Old Decrepit Body?

As far as my list of gluten sensitivity symptoms I have to say that most of the day and evening there was no improvement. No surprise there. Right thru the evening I limped around as my Achilles ached with every step I took. But as I type this it is late at night and I have to say I can walk around with very little limping. Too soon to say for sure, it’s probably just because I’m sitting at the computer and not walking much, but we shall see.

On to Day Two.

I am actually looking forward to see what tomorrow brings, which is a far cry from the night before day one. As I type this it’s late and I don’t have tomorrows foods packed yet, but that’s ok I know I’ll get by.


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