Day 6 of 30 Day Wheat Free Diet

Day 6 of 30 Day Wheat Free Diet

30 Day Wheat Free Diet Day 6

Leg Pain

Just like yesterday my legs were stiff and achy when I get out of bed but quickly loosened up. This is great news since muscle/tendon pain and achy joints were two of the main reasons I started this diet. The very occasional stabbing pains are still happening as well. Because of this I decided to look deeper into Fibromyalgia.



What I knew about Fibromyalgia was simple that it caused pain in the muscles and connective tissue. I also knew that I probably had it, or something just like it. When I first heard of it I read that there was no cure for it and no surefire test for it, so I stopped my research there. What I found out today was that Fibromyalgia has many of the same symptoms that wheat allergies do. Fatigue, muscle ache, brain fog, digestive problems, headaches, mood swings, itchy skin, and many more. As more research is done maybe a direct connection between the two will be discovered.


Prescription Drugs and Non Drugs

There are currently three FDA approved drugs to treat Fibromyalgia, Savella and two that you have probably heard ofIf you own a TV Lyrica and Symbalta. As well as drugs that can treat certain aspects of Fibromyalgia like muscle tension and fatigue.

Since I hate taking medicines with their long list of side effects I will concentrate on the non-drug approach, using vitamins and minerals. But I am going to wait a little longer to see how the muscle aches respond to just the elimination of wheat. By the end of week two if I feel exactly the same I will try adding some vitamins and supplements.

  • Magnesium, Malic Acid – A 1995 study using a proprietary supplement called “Super Malic” showed a decrease of pain in a group of Fibromyalgia sufferers. Super Malic is no longer available but I will try to mimic the dosage.

For a complete list of alternative remedies as well as lots of other Fibromyalgia information check out. I went to a number of medical sites with plenty of useful information but this one has everything you will need to know about FM.

Muscle Ropes

One thing I found out about Fibromyalgia was that the muscle pain is often associated with a tight ropey band inside the muscle. I’ve felt this in my left forearm for quite some time and never knew what it was. I also found it in my calf muscle right where the stabbing pain has been. As I massaged this out I noticed that the painful rope ran from my upper calf all the way down to my ankle. It ran right next to my Achilles tendon, maybe this is the source of my Achilles pain.

Not everything is known about Fibromyalgia. Doctors still don’t know what causes it, weather gluten is a trigger and/or a cause of it, and most importantly how to cure it. So I’ll just see if eliminating wheat relieves the symptoms.


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