Day 0 of 30 Day Wheat Free Journey

Day 0 of 30 Day Wheat Free Journey

Day Zero, How I feel the day before I eliminate wheat and gluten.

So here it is the day before I give up gluten and go wheat free. I’ve been to the food store twice today and I think I’m ready.


First a list.

Before I start this journey here’s a list of the gluten intolerance symptoms I’m experiencing right now. My hope is to report in the days to come how they all disappear. We’ll see. I’ll start at my feet and work my way to the top of my head.

Achilles/Calf’s – This is currently my most painful affliction. Normally when I wake up my Achilles tendons are so tight I have to limp around my house for about 15 minutes before they loosen up. For about the last two weeks though my Achilles is painful all day long, they are also sore to the touch.

Knees – Always sore and aching. At times I can barely bend them, forcing me to go up or down stairs one at a time.

Digestive Tract – Like most people with (or who suspect they are gluten sensitive) my body runs the gamut of digestive issues. Currently things seem pretty normal.

Back/Spine – my back pains/issues are constant or chronic but not the same as anyone I know with a “bad back”. I don’t have lower back pain, or throw your back out problems that most have, my back feels like arthritis a constant ache like a knuckle that needs to be cracked. Unfortunately it runs up my whole spine which makes it feel like 75 knuckles that need cracking.

Rosacea – This is a problem that usually affects me in the winter. I had always assumed it was normal dry skin, but for few years it has become very noticeable and year round. Although it is less noticeable in the spring and summer I currently I have some red blotches and bumps on my right cheek, and very slight redness on the left.

Dry Eye – This can be a side effect of Rosacea. It affects my left eye, but in the last couple of weeks my right eye has started to sting a little.

Dermatitis – I’ve been told I have contact dermatitis, which is caused by fabric softeners and dryer sheets. But I’m interested to see if going without gluten has any effect on my rashes. Currently they are on my back and scalp.

Brain Fog – There are many symptoms associated with brain fog but what I’m hoping to improvement on is my short term memory. My friends couldn’t believe the things I can remember from our childhood. I can remember things in such vivid detail it is like it happened yesterday. But ask about something that happen within the last year or so and I have to struggle. I can remember books I’ve read 25 years ago better than a book I’ve read last summer. I also am getting very bad at finding the right word. I may stammer over the simplest word like birthday or someone’s name while trying to finish a sentence.

That’s my list, I’m sure I missed something but if I did I’ll include it in the 30 day wheat free journey. On to day 1


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