Day 3 of 30 Day Wheat Free Journey

Day 3 of 30 Day Wheat Free Journey

30 Day Wheat Free Diet Day 3

No gluten for three days, no problem? OK maybe a few. Today was my first day at home since starting this wheat free diet. I thought being home would make things easier since I’d be closer to my pantry of gluten free foods, but what I didn’t think about was all the temptations I’d be around as well. The cookie jar, the chips, muffins, etc.

I want them so bad.

Big Headaches

Today the headaches are bad, before they seemed to be on the left side of my head, but today it’s both sides. I usually only take aspirin once or twice every few yearsYep every few years, but I had to take them today. The headaches were actually making it hard to think (OK harder than normal).

I fought off the urge to take the aspirin as long as I could because I didn’t want to affect the monitoring of my other body aches. But by lunch time I couldn’t take it and gave in.

Achilles Pain

If I wasn’t on this diet, and thinking about my calf pains I wouldn’t think there is any improvement at all. But since I’m watching and waiting every day for some improvement I do believe there is some very, very slight improvement maybe this is the aspirin or just my mind tricking myself.

Trying New Gluten Free Foods

So far the most disappointing but not surprising thing about gluten free foods is bad pasta. So after the first two days of bad pasta dishes I spent today grilling chicken and making rice dishes for the week.

I will have to work on some stronger sauces for my pasta, and then I’m sure things will improve.

One good thing I discovered is that one of my favorite packaged rice dishes Vigo-Black Beans and Rice is gluten free. The label has no mention about gluten on it and the website for Vigo has been down for a few days, but has a list of gluten free products from Vigo.


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