Day 10 of the 30 Day Wheat Free Diet

Day 10 of the 30 Day Wheat Free Diet

30 Day Wheat Free Diet Day 10

I woke up again feeling good, the muscle aches haven’t returned, and today my achy joints aren’t too bad. Everything else seems the same.

Resist the Urge to Do Too Much

Today is a beautiful day, and although my Achilles/calf has been feeling good for the last couple of days I resist the urge to start exercising on it. My daughter is going on a short one mile run and a part of me thinks this would be a good test for my legs but I convince myself it’s too soon. So I won’t do anything for one more week.

The Best Laid Plans

Well I had the right idea, but I failed on the execution. Later that evening I’m working with my son on running and as I’m showing him how to get down and start from a crouch, nothing too strenuous or so I think. Then I pull the same Achilles that had been hurting me for the last couple weeks.

What’s with all the Achilles Talk?

Why do I keep bring up my Achilles? The main reason is because I believe the gluten that makes my joints and muscles ache is causing the pain I’m experiencing in my Achilles. I have no proof of this other than the fact that when the muscle pain and tightness I feel in my calf muscles flare up I also experience tightness and pain in my Achilles. Also before I started this diet the issue most affecting my body was my Achilles tendon pain.

I spent some time today looking into gluten intolerance and its effect on tendons. What I found out is a little disheartening, the joint and muscle pain associated with inflammation caused by gluten intolerance can take anywhere from 2 to 18 months to go away.

I also found some other sources of inflammation they are a group of vegetables called nightshades and include potatoes, tomatoes, bell peppers and eggplant. This is something I’ll have to watch since I’ve increased my consumption of all these vegetables since starting this diet. Note: Sweet potatoes are from a complete different vegetable family than regular potatoes and are not considered nightshades.

Still Looking For a Good Gluten Free Pasta

So far I’ve had no luck finding a good gluten free pasta alternative. Today I checked the normal pasta aisle at my supermarket and was very thrilled when I found a gluten free pasta from a traditional pasta maker. Rienzi corn and rice rigatoni. I had high hopes for this pasta feeling that a pasta company wouldn’t release a GF pasta unless it tasted pretty close to their regular pasta. Sadly this pasta didn’t live up to my expectations. If you want to read more checkout my Rienzi Gluten Free Rigatoni Review.


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