Day 11 of 30 – Wheat Free Diet Healing Tendons & Good Pizza

Day 11 of 30 – Wheat Free Diet Healing Tendons & Good Pizza

Today the Achilles pain was horrible, by dinner time my limp was so bad I could barely walk. This is defiantly a pull not just sore inflamed tendon. Oh well so much for feeling better and starting to exercise. As bad as the evening was the night brought a pleasant surprise, I’m writing this late in the evening and I just got up and walked into the kitchen with very little pain and barely a limp. Could it be that my body without gluten is healing faster, I don’t know since I’ve never had an Achilles issue before.

Body Improving but Slowly

I’m still disappointed in the body aches, I was hoping for faster relief. I do feel a little better though, and the blues I was feeling last Sunday when I was doing my week one recap is long gone. It’s now Wednesday and every day that passed I felt more and more sure the diet was working.

The Best Gluten Free Pizza So Far

I love good pizza, I love East Coast thin crust, Chicago deep dish, California Pizza Kitchen, grilled pizza, breakfast pizzas, but I especially love a good fresh made brick oven pizza. With that said this pizza is nothing like any of those, instead it’s more like a good frozen pizza. I have my full Gluten Free review here.

I still need more variety in my diet so every time I find a new wheat free food that tastes good I get excited.

Things are looking up.


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