Day 13 of 30, Wheat Free Diet – More Cravings, Less Fatigue

Day 13 of 30, Wheat Free Diet – More Cravings, Less Fatigue

Wheat Free Diet-Day 13 of 30, More Cravings, Less Fatigue

Today was like yesterday and the day before in that I feel a teeny tiny bit better. I have to admit I had hoped the joint and muscle aches would have diminished more, but at least I see some very slight improvement.


Still Craving

The cravings for sweets continued today, as I assumed they would. When they kick in I eat a few M&M’s or a gluten free cookie but that doesn’t seem to satisfy them. So I just ignore them.

Fatigue, What Fatigue?

One thing I noticed today is that I don’t seem as lethargic. I feel as if I have a little more energy, not the nervous jittery kind of energy I felt on day two but a more natural improved energy level. I would say it feels like one of those “good days” when the weathers perfect and you have a little more pep in your step, or you feel a little lighter on your feet.

I might just think this was one of those “good days” but looking back I believe this has been building for a few days.


Gluten Free Improvements are So Subtle

One thing I’ve noticed is that the improvements I’m feeling are so subtle and so slow that it’s hard to notice them when they happen, instead its slow realization after the fact.  Like feeling a little less fatigued, I never mentioned that in the previous posts but when I noticed it today I can look back and sense very slight improvements for the last few days.

What’s most amazing about this slow realization is the fact that I am paying such close attention to changes in my body so I can write about it on this blog.

For anyone following this blog and considering starting a wheat free diet I would recommend waiting till you finish the diet before coming to a final conclusion.



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