Day 14 of 30,Wheat Free Diet – Another Dinner with Friends

Day 14 of 30,Wheat Free Diet – Another Dinner with Friends

Another Saturday and another barbecue, but this time I have no worries.

Tonight were heading over to a friend’s house for dinner just like last week, but this time I’m not concerned about my wheat free diet or worried I won’t find enough gluten free foods.  For one thing it’s a barbecue so I’m safe with grilled chicken and steaks. My wife and I are bringing a sweet potato side dish and a black bean salad so I know I’ll have plenty to eat, and more importantly I won’t have an empty plate that I have to explain.


Picking at Snacks One of my Favorite Things to Do

I’ve noticed that snacking at parties is easier than I thought it would be.  Fresh vegetables plates are no problem if I skip the dip, and cheese without the crackers. Or if we bring the veggies and cheese plate I can make sure they’re wheat free.

Most potato chips are fine, in fact I don’t think I’ve found any with wheat yet, but I still check to be sure.

Oh No! My friends Know I’m gluten Free, No Big Deal

You would think someone voted Most Talkative and Class Clown would have no problem being the focus of a conversation, but I do. Perhaps I like poking fun at others miseries rather than talking about my own, strange for a guy with a wheat free website talking about his journey to millions of people on the internet.

At some point the evening’s conversation turns to me and my gluten free diet. It seems most knew I was trying it and knew it was because my body ached so badly. So there was no fad diet talk, no one mentioned Miley Cyrus, just questions about the symptoms, and if I felt any different. Everyone wanted to know what has gluten in it, and if any of the gluten free foods taste good.

It seems as if a large number of people I talk to about my diet have heard about the effects wheat can have on the body and they have lots of questions, as if they have been considering weather gluten is affecting their own lives. After all it took me close to a year of asking questions before I started this diet.

It was also nice that they found out about my gluten free website and didn’t think it was weird.


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