Day 15 of Wheat Free Diet, Week Two Recap

Day 15 of Wheat Free Diet, Week Two Recap

30 Day Wheat Free Diet Day 15

Two weeks in and I’m half way home. The second week was easier, with much less anxiety. Over the first seven days I had gone through almost every possible situation that can come up during a normal week. So week two felt more like falling into a new routine, now I just have to streamline the routine.

By the end of week one I felt very down. I felt that the improvements I was feeling in my body might not be worth the effort that it took to live without wheat or gluten, but after seven days of very slight improvement I feel the opposite. I would say I am leaning more towards staying on the diet after the thirty days.

So again I ask myself, is it worth it?

Yeah I’m beginning to think so; it is a lot of work, planning everything you need to eat throughout the day, each and every day, then preparing it, which takes time. Before my wheat free diet I used to prepare many of my meals to bring to work, but I would always skip many meals knowing I would grab a slice of pizza or a burger.

The Full List of Wheat Intolerance Symptoms

Once again I’m going to go back to the original list I created and report all the changes that have taken place in week two.

Achilles/Calf’s – This week saw just about the same improvement as I saw in the first week. The morning stiffness goes away a little quicker and over all the pain stays away most of the day. Even after seven days this improvement is very subtle; and my right calf with the pulled Achilles still hurts most of the time.

Knees – Again they feel about the same as they did when I started my diet, since they felt pretty good at the start of the diet I’m happy that they haven’t reverted to the way they’ve felt in the past. Also the sharp I felt under my knee has gone away.

Digestive Tract – The one change I’ve noticed is a lessening of bowl movements, I thought the diet was making me constipated, but I have none of the associated discomforts. So I believe it’s just putting less garbage into your body means less garbage exits.

Back/Spine – There has been a very slight improvement with my back. I cannot say it’s because of the diet though, like I said in last week’s summary we were busy at work and I had to move a lot of boxes. This week it seems like my back feels better because I didn’t have to move a hundred boxes of wine.

Rosacea – Again there has not been very much improvement here, red blotches on my right cheek have not changed much.

Dry Eye – This week just like the first week the stinging stayed away.

Dermatitis – The rash on my back appears to be getting better; I was expecting this since it goes away in the summer. So this may be a seasonal improvement, not because of the diet.

Brain Fog – Just like last week I feel this improving, little by little, clearer and clearer each week. Not each day, but enough to be noticed by the end of the week.

Energy/Fatigue – I’ve changed this category from Energy, to Energy/Fatigue. When I started this diet I noticed a sudden change in my energy level, but since I never thought of myself as suffering from fatigue I never put the two together. Now I realize it is not an increase in energy but a reduction of fatigue.

Speaking about weight

Last week I lost 4 pounds, and this week I took off a few more, roughly 6 to 7 pounds total. This has nothing to do with exercise; as a matter of fact I’m doing far less physical activity since I pulled my Achilles. This is all due to the fact that I am eating better foods and snacking less.

The vanishing fatigue and the slight loss of weight are probable why I’m much more upbeat about the diet this week.

So two weeks down, I’m half way to the finish line and things are getting easier.


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