Gluten Free Recipes

Today is one of the best times to buy gluten free foods. There are many companies making wheat free prepared foods. Some of these foods are quite good but making fresh foods is always better, better tasting and better for you. With this in mind as I find a gluten free recipe I like or tweak one of my favorite recipe I will post it here.

If you are starting to cook without wheat you should check out this page for other grains that contain gluten.


Grilled Chicken with Black Beans and Quinoa

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Grilled Chicken with Black Beans and Quinoa

Grilled Chicken with Black Beans and Quinoa. I know this is my first recipe and I should try to hit it out of the park, but this is more like a bunt to advance the base runners. Sorry I shouldn’t type and watch baseball at the same time. This really isn’t a recipe as much as a food modification.  You see I just reviewed the Vigo black beans and rice in the gluten free foods section of this blog so I thought I’d tell you how I make it. First off I always add quinoa to any rice dish I make, to give it a nutritional boost. Then I added chicken to make it more of a main course. Vigo rice products do not have any gluten free claims on their packaging, so I emailed the company and asked for a current list of their gluten free products. Here is the PDF I made from their email. Ingredients Vigo Black Beans and Rice 8oz pkg Grilled Chicken Breast 1-2 depending on size Quinoa 1/2 cup Salsa  5-6 Tbs 15oz Can Black Beans Directions Cut precooked chicken breast into 1 inch cubes. Marinate in about 5 tbsp. of gluten free Salsa. Prepare Black beans and rice following the directions on the packet, at the same time in another pot cook the quinoa according to the packet directions. When the rice and the quinoa are done combine, add chicken, half the beans (freeze the other half for later use). This is not a spicy dish so I will add some Frank’s Red-Hot or Tabasco Chipotle sauce. I also put a large spoonful of green salsa on top when I serve it. That’s it. Enjoy. Photo by hispanyeros....

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