The Wheat Free Plan.

The Wheat Free Plan.

The plan is simple; don’t eat wheat or foods that contain gluten for thirty days. Keep an online journal of the pitfalls, the surprises that happen along the way and finally the results.

I own a wine shop and for years I talked to customers with celiac disease about gluten free products, and I always felt I could never live that way. Lately though I’ve spoken to a couple of customers who recently gave up wheat, they said they used to feel the same way I did, that giving up wheat was impossible, but it turned out to be the best thing they ever did.

So with this in mind here goes.


People go on wheat free diets for two reasons.

  1. Because they are sensitive to wheat, and they want to lead a healthier more enjoyable life.
  2. They want to lose weight. For quite some time weight loss “experts” have known that eliminating carbohydrates from your diet is a fast way to lose weight. These experts stress that including gluten free food substitutes in your diet is a bad thing, and for radical weight lose they are right. These foods are filled with starches, quick simple sugars and hollow calories.

So what kind of wheat free person am I?

I fall squarely into the first category, I feel as if there is something seriously wrong with my body and I want to feel better. But at the same time who doesn’t want to lose a little weight, or at least not gain anySome people in poor health may experience weight gain after giving up wheat., so this website will chronicle how different I feel without gluten in my diet, but I will also write about the changes in weight/body fat I experience along the way.

I will start this journey with a pantry full of gluten/wheat free foods, but I will carefully monitor their effects on cravings, weight, and blood sugar. None of this will be done scientifically of course, but by paying attention to the effect these foods have on me.

So here goes, follow along as I see what life is like without wheat. Next stop Day 0.


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