Wheat Free Diet-Day 16-21 of the 30 day Wheat Free Diet

Wheat Free Diet-Day 16-21 of the 30 day Wheat Free Diet

Wheat Free Diet-Day 15-21, the Whole Week in One Post

Week three of my diet was truly a continuation of week two. This week was a standard week of going to work, with a few days of in between. Each day brought slight relief to my wheat sensitivity symptoms.

I could easily create seven daily posts talking about the slight changes I’ve noticed in my body, and filled each with fluff, but this blog is to help others who are considering going wheat free, so I don’t want to waste your time or mine.

I am Seeing Improvements in all My Wheat Sensitivity Symptoms.

Just because I’m not writing individual posts about the daily improvements I’m feeling doesn’t mean that there hasn’t been any, in fact by the end of the week I am the more optimistic about the diet than I have been so far.

I’ll tell you all about them in the next post, the third week recap.

Falling into a gluten free routine

This week was just another average work week. Go to work, come home, pack a bag for tomorrow, wake up and repeat. On my days off I make enough food for my next few days at work. Although I have to make sure I plan my meals for each day, a life without wheat is just like my normal old life.

I definitely recommend creating a meal planner before starting this diet. I will be creating one and I will create a post explaining how I did it.

Cravings and Longing

The cravings have lessened, I’m not sure if this is because of a physical change in my body or that my brain realized that I wasn’t going to give in and feed it a big Carlo’s lobster tail.

Although the cravings are going away I still find myself longing for foods. Thinking of a great brick oven pizza or some other fantastic dish loaded with gluten leaves me with a sad feeling like I’ve lost something. I wonder if this will ever go away completely.

Next Week Brings Another First

This week was all about routine, a week with no “firsts”. But next week brings something new; I’m going on a short vacation, it’s only for three days but it’s been on my mind for days.


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